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  • We pick orders on Wednesdays and require your orders on Tuesday by 5pm in order to have the orders available for the following Thursday or Friday.
  • For Calgary, the minimum order is $125.00. For orders under the minimum, a $10.00 charge is added. Special arrangements can be made for orders over $275.00.
  • Calgary and area orders will be availalbe for pick up at Hilton Stone Distribution Centre, 5251 - 48th Ave SE Calgary from Monday-Friday between 8am and 4pm.
  • With orders of $375.00 for Edmonton or Lethbridge, freight is paid. Otherwise a percentage of the freight will be charged to the customer.
  • Products are made from free range, antibiotic free and whole grain fed turkeys. All products are gluten, dairy and nitrate free (with the exception of our whole smoked turkeys), with no MSG added.
  • Please make cheques payable to "Winter's Turkeys"
  • Prices are subject to change.
List Of Products
TypeFrozen Product NameSizePrice/KgQuantity
Breast Breast Filets (1 or 2 Filets) 200 - 300 g$23.90
Breast Breast Tenders (1 or 2 Tenders) 400 - 650 g$23.90
Breast Turkey Breast Roast (Single) 1 - 1.5 kg$23.90
Ground Breast 450 g$24.90
Ground Breast Patties (4 Patties) 450 - 500 g$25.90
Ground Thigh 450 g$25.90
Ground Thigh Patties (4 Patties) 450 - 500 g$26.90
Luncheon Meat Slices Chorizo Salami 250 g$37.90
Luncheon Meat Slices Deli Style 250 g$37.90
Luncheon Meat Slices Pastrami 250 g$37.90
Luncheon Meat Slices Polish Salami 250 g$37.90
Other Drums 2 kg$5.90
Other Turkey Liver 500 g$7.90
Other Turkey Split Wings 2 kg$6.90
Sausage Breakfast (10 Sausages) 450 g$30.90
Sausage Cranberry (4 Sausages) 450 g$28.90
Smokies Chorizo (5 Smokies) 425 g$36.90
Smokies Deli Style (5 Smokies) 425 g$36.90
Smokies Jerky (5 Smokies) 425 g$36.90
Smokies Pepper (5 Smokies) 425 g$36.90
Smokies Polish (5 Smokies) 425 g$36.90
Thigh Boneless Skin-On Thigh (2 Thighs) 1 - 1.5 kg$24.90
Turkey Breast Bacon Turkey Breast Bacon 250g$37.90
Turkey Jerky Turkey Jerky 80 g$87.90
Whole Frozen Free Range Turkey 10 - 13 kg$8.40
Whole Frozen Free Range Turkey 7 - 9 kg$8.40
Whole Frozen Organic Bronze Orlopp 4 - 7 kg$13.40
Whole Frozen Organic Bronze Orlopp 9 - 13 kg$13.40
Whole Frozen Smoked Turkey 6 - 9 kg Contains some nitrates$13.40
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